Sunday, August 7, 2011

Are First World Leaders Above the Law?

I overheard a young boy ask his mother for more pocket money the other day. When she explained that she couldn’t afford to give him more, I heard the young man say “but Mum, can’t you just raise your debt ceiling?”

If a Financial Director managed an organisations finances like some first world governments have managed there’s – not only would the individual be fired, but they would also face criminal prosecution and most likely jail time. Are political leaders above the law and if so, aren’t they then exactly the same as the dictators we abhor and vindicate around the world.

First world citizens are beginning to look like puppets, being the easiest bunch of people to be pushed around and dictated to by the very people they ‘democratically’ vote in to power every few years. In the West we have been taught to expect Third World countries to need financial assistance on an annual basis as they try to ‘build their economies’ in order to be able to compete with the First World masters of economic ‘best practice’. But First World countries are showing themselves to be fraudsters when it comes to financial management – and while their own finances get into deeper and deeper trouble, they are still prepared to spend money they don’t even have on an odd war here or to support another country there – with apparently no one to answer or account to. That can’t be right and can’t be democratic, surely?

I have often heard criticism of today’s younger generation for not being responsible – often as a general comment, rather than anything specific – but who’s showing them how to act responsibly. Can we really blame this generation for not being financially astute, when all a country has to do when they need more cash or get into financial trouble is simply to raise their debt ceiling and borrow more cash. What a life – wouldn’t it be great if we could all do that?

Daily, First World countries are seeing an increase in individuals and families suffering from poverty - being made homeless and needing food donations – yet many of these countries are prepared to spend money beyond their shores for no immediate benefit – while leaving their own citizens to suffer. Until you’ve been homeless you can’t underestimate the negative impact this has on individuals and families - the shame, the desperation, the sadness – which can even lead to the ‘head of the household’ committing suicide, as the stresses just become too unbearable.

Many of the political ‘policy makers’ within our First World community sit in their fancy private clubs, sipping their 50 year old whiskies making decisions, with no semblance of understanding of the impact their ‘simple’ decisions have on the lives of the very people they have been put in ‘power’ to help and support.

As much as there appears to be a lot of debate and criticism of the lack of good and effective leadership in business around the world, we actually need these less than perfect business leaders to help gather citizen support to hold their political leaders to account and if necessary to prosecute them as well. These indefensible arrogant and self absorbed politicians need to be held responsible for their actions – since through their decisions, they set the very foundation for their countries organisations to be successful in the global business market, where they can create ‘real’ wealth and employment opportunities.

There still appears to be a dreadful colonial arrogance to political leadership in the First World that can only have a negative impact on the optimal development of our future leaders across all spheres of human interaction. It’s time only true experienced professionals were allowed to lead nations and develop countries….

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