Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Your Future

What all organisations need are people, at all levels, who are focused on success. It is said that;
“There are three types of businesses;
Those that make things happen;
Those that watch things happen;
Those that wonder what happened.”

Yet, business success or failure is dependent on the people within these organisations. Hence if the quote is true for organisations it must also be true for individuals as well. Simply put there must be three types of people in business;

Those people who make things happen;
Those people who watch things happen; and
Those people who wonder what happened!

Watching things happen can be acceptable in the short term, but only as long as people and organisations make things happen from what they’ve seen and learnt. For example, watching your competition so that you can create a better competitive strategy can be a source of best practice in its own right - since from watching and learning you are making things happen; but simply watching and doing nothing is unhealthy (to say the least).

There are too many people in business today who are content to watch and sadly many who are still wondering what happened!

What ‘winning’ organisations need are people who will make things happen.

So which do you want to be? You can decide today to become an individual who contributes to their own future and that of the organisation they work for by embracing a culture of best practice and being someone who makes things happen. This will not only ensure sustainable growth for your organisation but will, in the process, create job satisfaction and career growth for yourself; a perfect win-win solution.

Extract from the book ‘Be the Best in Business’ by Nigel Brownbill

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